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Эмаль белая и колерованная по RAL и NCS

  Эмаль белая и колерованная по RAL и NCS
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White polyurethane finishes with different levels of gloss, previously hardened with our Endurecedor 8229, E or NT in a proportion of between 25% and 50% to give hard films.

It can also be hardened with our Endurecedor 42, 33 and P. However, in these cases, the yellowing is greater and it is recommendable for colours only (not white or light tones).




- Very high coating power. Excellent whiteness and opaqueness. Very even finish. Quick drying, excellent feel, minimum yellowing, high resistance.

- Viscosity: 80-100 seconds FC-No. 4 at 20ºC.

- Density: 1.300-1.320 kg/l.

- Glosses: 50% with Endurecedor 8229 / E.


                                                                    8229                     E

SEDAPOL BLANCO M10 50%            10 - 12            15 - 20             

SEDAPOL BLANCO M20 50%           20 - 24         25 - 30

SEDAPOL BLANCO M30 50%           25 - 30           30 - 35

SEDAPOL BLANCO M50 50%           45 - 50         50   - 55

SEDAPOL BLANCO M70 50%             68 - 72         75 - 80

SEDAPOL BLANCO M90 50%           93 - 97         95 -100 





Alkyd resins, humectants, thixotropic agents, titanium dioxide, flattening agents, various additives, solvents: Esters, ketones. glycolic esters.




In a cool place.


Personal Safety:


When using this product, ensure good ventilation and wear a face mask with a chemical absorbent, protective goggles and rubber gloves.


NB: All the components are of widespread use in the varnishes and paints industry.




















The information and technical specifications provided in this document are correct to the best of our knowledge and are accurate in respect of compliance with standards for their formulation, quality assurance and the internal production processes in place at INDUSTRIAS OMAR. The product and information are for industrial use by professionals with the appropriate skills and know-how of the industry to which the product refers. Whatsoever use other than that referred to in this document will be under your own responsibility. The manual work, environmental conditions, application equipment and/or construction equipment, together with the quality of the other materials and variables that affect the results are beyond our control.

Производитель   Industrias Omar
Страна производитель Испания
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